Dean Price

Dean Price

Astrologer, Certified Polarity Therapist, Producer of the New Earth Expo, and Founder of Spirit Touch

Dean Price has been studying, practicing, and teaching astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, and hands-on healing for almost 40 years. In the 70's, he developed the astrological keyword system that formed the basis of the best-selling astrological workbook 'Astrology for Yourself' by Douglas Bloch. In the 80's, he founded the Colorado Institute of Energywork, where he discovered that our own energy centers (chakras) perfectly mirror the function of the planets and asteroids, following their same physical order and astrological meaning. From this, he developed Spirit Touch, an individually-tailored hands-on process to release, clear, and re-program astrological stress points and unconscious karmic patterns, using hands-on polarity techniques on corresponding pairs of Planet/Chakra points.

Why Spirit Touch?

The technique known as Spirit Touch evolved from Dean's exploration of Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Polarity Therapy, Angelic Communication, and various other Intuitive and Healing Arts, with the intention to understand and help fulfill the original Cosmic Blueprint for each of our lives in the New Earth.

The inspiration for the name 'Spirit Touch' came from Ralph Waldo Emerson's romantic poem of a future human culture with god-like sensibilities:

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee

Access Consciousness Facilitator,
Spirit Touch Practitioner

Sharon Lee has had success in business, as a mother, and as a Universal Life Minister, with a Bachelorís degree in Psychology from UC Berkeley. She has studied metaphysical sciences most of her life. In April 2012 Sharon met Dean by Divine appointment. A natural intuitive, Sharon uses Access Consciousness and Spirit Touch to help others become aware of their own life path.



Can rules or tutors educate
The semigod whom we await?
He must be musical,
Tremulous, impressional,
Alive to gentle influence
Of landscape and of sky,
And tender to the spirit-touch
Of man's or maiden's eye:
But, to his native centre fast,
Shall into Future fuse the Past,
And the world's flowing fates in his own mould recast.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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